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There are two primary reasons why a user will want to update the Armour script code:

🆕 New Features

Active development and response to feature requests will mean that updates are required in order to make use of changes.


Armour is a complex script written over many years, with a lot of forgetfulness. Bugs can and do happen, so it's helpful to be able to update things easily.

Updates can be applied manually, or automatically from Armour v4.0.

Code Repository#

  • Code is hosted at Github and is available from the public Armour repository.
  • Branches are utilised and master may not always have the most recent updates.
  • Updates can be pulled via git or downloaded via the Armour Releases page.

Manual Updates

Since Armour v4.0, manual updates are not recommended. Updates can be downloaded and applied by the bot, with full backup, restore, and configuration file merging.

Manual updates require manual configuration file comparisons and changes.

Automatic (hourly) update checks can be set in configuration , and automatic install can also be enabled.

Database Migrations#

Version tracking ensures that Armour script updates will automatically make any necessary database changes (incl. schema) between version or revision updates.

Script Updater#

Armour is capable of managing script updates without the need to manually move any files. This feature supports:

  • manual and automatic update checks
  • notification (via notes) to users when new updates are available or have been installed
  • the ability to require a command before script updates are installed
  • the prevention of concurrent updates when an update is already in progress
  • backup of existing script and database files
  • merge of new and old configuration files, retaining existing settings, and adding new ones
  • restore function to restore previous script and database backups
  • the ability to specify different Github branches when checking or applying script updates

For configuration options relating to the Updater, please see armour.conf.sample

For a reference guide on the update command to check for and apply updates, see command: update

Updating from Armour v3.x

Armour v4.0 will automatically migrate old 3.x DB files to the required v4.0 format. However, the Armour configuration file is not migrated. If loading a Armour v4.x TCL onto an existing bot running Armour v3.x, ensure:

  • a brand new armour configuration file is used, copying the armour.conf.sample from the v4.0 download
  • the bot is restarted and not rehashed. A rehash will not work and result in crashing the bot.

More specific instructions can be found on the page Updating from Armour v3.x