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Command: exempt#


Command Default Level Global Only?
exempt 1 no


  • Create a temporary exemption for a given client, avoiding the scanner when they join the channel.


exempt ?chan? <nick> [mins]
  • Channel parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel, the channel the user has the most access in, or lastly, the default Armour channel.
  • The mins parameter is the optional number of minutes the exemption will be valid for. Ommitting will utilise the configuration setting cfg(exempt:time)
  • The exemption will work for anyone on the given nickname until expiry, regardless of user@host.


Create client exemption for MrBob using default exemption time:

@Empus | y exempt MrBob
 @yolk | done.

Create client exemption for MrBob for 30 minutes:

@Empus | y exempt MrBob 30
 @yolk | done.

Command Description
add Add a channel blacklist or whitelist entry
black Shortcut to add a blacklist entry for a user
cmds List available commands
exempt Tempoarily exempt a client from channel join scans
help View the help for a given command
invite Invite clients to a channel
kick Kick clients from a channel
mod Modify a whitelist or blacklist entry
rem Remove a whitelist or blacklist entry
unban Remove channel bans