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Command: scanport#


Command Default Level Global Only?
scanport 1 no


  • Test an IP address for open ports


scanport <host|ip> [port1,port2,port3...]
  • Port list is optional and if not given will default to the configuration file list
  • If a host is given it will be resolved to an IP before the portscan begins.


Scan ports for IP

@Empus | y scanport
 @yolk | no open ports (ip:

Scan open ports for IP

@Empus | y scanport
 @yolk | (open ports) -> 22/tcp (ssh) 80/tcp (www)

Test if TCP port 21 is open on

@Empus | y scanport 21
 @yolk | (open ports) -> 21/tcp (ftp)

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
help View the help for a given command
ipqs Check IP address for IP Quality Score (
scanrbl Test an IP address against DNSBLs