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Command: status#


Command Default Level Global Only?
status 1 yes


  • Displays current bot status including connection, machine load average, and whitelist & blacklist counts.




Display bot status:

@Empus | y status
 @yolk | server connection: 0 days, 05:05:13 -- bot uptime: 0 days, 05:05:16 -- machine: FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3
 @yolk | uptime:  5:47AM  up 14 days, 11:13, 6 users, load averages: 0.22, 0.27, 0.25
 @yolk | traffic: 63/KB [in] and 276/KB [out] -- whitelists: 9 entries -- blacklists: 11 entries

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
conf View and change Armour config file settings
die Kill the bot process
help View the help for a given command
jump Change bot server or reconnect
load Load the whitelist and blacklist into memory
rehash Reload script and plugins
restart Full restart the bot, reloading scripts
stats Shows whitelist and blacklist statistics