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Command: set#


Command Default Level Global Only?
set 1 no


  • Allows a user to change their own user settings
    • automode: automatic action after channel join or login (op, voice, none)
    • lang: list of languages spoken by user
    • email: email address of user
    • pass: user password
    • greet: greeting to be spoken after channel joins


set ?chan? <lang|email|automode|pass|greet> <value>


Change automode to voice:

@Empus | y set automode voice
 @yolk | done.

Change password to ns^7Jl#n:

@Empus | y set pass ns^7Jl#n
 @yolk | done.

For security reasons, passwords should only sent via privmsg commands

Using set pass <pass> can also be done by using newpass <pass>

Change channel greeting to O Captain! My Captain!:

@Empus | y set greet O Captain! My Captain!
 @yolk | done.

View user information for user `Empus`:
@Empus | y info Empus @yolk | user: Empus -- account: Empus -- languages: EN ES -- access: global (500), #armour (500), #routing-dev (500), #newchan (500) @yolk | email: -- lastseen: now (authed 0 days, 04:41:02 ago) -- where: Empus!empus@ @yolk | greeting: O Captain! My Captain! ```

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
access Check if a user has access in a channel
adduser Add a user with access to a channel
help View the help for a given command
info View information for a user or channel
modchan Modify the settings of a channel
moduser Modify another user's access level or settings
newpass Change your own user password
newuser Create a new bot user on behalf of someone else
register Allows a client to create their own bot user
remchan Remove a channel and purge all data
remuser Remove a user from a channel
usearch Searches for registered usernames
userlist Displays userlist for a channel