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Command: nudge#


Command Default Level Global Only?
nudge 1 no
  • Requires trakka plugin to be loaded and setting enabled on each channel


  • Kickbans the client with the same kick reason that is normally used on automatic trakka kickbans
  • Serves a way of removing unknown clients without it appearing as a manual action


nudge ?chan? <nick>
  • Channel parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel or the default Armour channel.


Acknowledge client with the nickname MrBob:

Empus | nudge MrBob
 yolk | done.

  --  | Mode #armour [+b *!~*] by yolk
 <--  | chief has kicked MrBob (Armour: you appear to be unknown and therefore have been removed (trakka))


This command is suggested to be sent in privmsg to avoid the target knowing who initiated the kickban.

Command Description
ack Acknowledges an unknown user to avoid trakka kickbans
cmds List commands available to user
help View the help for a given command
modchan Modifies the settings of a channel
score Checks trakka score of user