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Command: and#


Command Default Level Global Only?
and 1 no
  • Requires openai plugin to be loaded and setting enabled on each channel


  • Continues conversation from existing question from ask command
  • Use ask to ask a new question to OpenAI
  • Previous questions will be held in memory for limited time (default: 60 mins)


and <follow-up>
  • Provide follow-up to continue the previous conversation (started with ask)


Ask follow-up questions to continue an existing OpenAI conversation:

Empus | y ask Who won the World Series in 2020?
 yolk | Empus: Los Angeles Dodgers.

Empus | y and Where was it played?
 yolk | Empus: The World Series in 2020 was played at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.

Empus | y and What time did it start?
 yolk | Empus: The start time for the World Series games in 2020 varied, but most games began at around 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

Natural Conversation

When cfg(ask:cmdnick) is enabled, OpenAI queries can be sent in natural conversation form by using the bot's nickname as the prefix. Note that enabling this setting will mean botnick prefixes will not work for other commands.

The and command is still needed to continue existing conversations.

 @Empus | yolk: what is the meaning of life?
  @yolk | Empus: The meaning of life? Oh, it's obviously to find the perfect Wi-Fi signal and binge-watch cat videos until your eyes bleed. Duh!

 @Empus | yolk: and what about death?
  @yolk | Empus: Death? It's just nature's way of saying, "Hey, time's up, hope you enjoyed the show!" So, grab some popcorn and enjoy the grand finale. Cheers!

Command Description
ask Ask question to OpenAI
askmode View the help for a given command
image Generate a DALL-E image from description
speak Speak the answer with an audio file