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Command: conf#


Command Default Level Global Only?
conf 500 yes


  • Searches for configuration settings and displays current values


usage: conf ?chan? <setting|mask> [-out]
  • If no channel is given, the default global (*) channel will be used
  • A specific setting can be given if known, or a wildcard mask to list matching settings
  • If multiple results are found, the -out switch can be used to list all values rather than only displaying the setting names


Display the configuration setting value for chan:report:

@Empus | y conf chan:report
 @yolk | setting: cfg(chan:report) -- value: #armour-console

List all configuration settings matching *auth*:

@Empus | y conf *auth*
 @yolk | matched settings: auth:serv:host auth:mech auth:hide auth:user auth:rand auth:retry auth:serv:nick auth:wait

Output all the configuration values for settings matching *auth*:

@Empus | y conf *auth* -out
 @yolk | setting: auth:serv:host -- value:
 @yolk | setting: auth:mech -- value: gnuworld
 @yolk | setting: auth:hide -- value: 1
 @yolk | setting: auth:user -- value:
 @yolk | setting: auth:rand -- value: 0
 @yolk | setting: auth:retry -- value: 5
 @yolk | setting: auth:serv:nick -- value: X
 @yolk | setting: auth:wait -- value: 0
 @yolk | done. 8 results found.
@Empus | y conf * chan:report


Configuration setting values involving passwords and API keys will not be returned.

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