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Command: die#


Command Default Level Global Only?
die 500 yes


  • Kills the bot process.


If the bot is not manually started and does not have a cronjob, the bot will not return after this command is sent.


usage: die [reason]
  • Reason is optional and if not given will state that the bot has been killed by the requestor.


Kill the bot with default reason:

@Empus | y die
   <-- | yolk ( has quit (Quit: Requested by Empus!empus@

Kill the bot with reason Upgrading server, back soon

@Empus | y die Upgrading server, back soon
   <-- | yolk ( has quit (Quit: Upgrading server, back soon)

Command Description
cmds List available commands
deploy Deploy a new bot form IRC
help View the help for a given command
jump Change bot server or reconnect
load Load the user, whitelist, and blacklist DB
rehash Reload script and plugins
restart Full restart the bot, reloading scripts
status Displays bot status including connection info