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Command: ban#


Command Default Level Global Only?
ban 100 no


  • Kickbans a client from a channel with the given reason as the kick message


ban ?chan? <nick1,mask1,nick2,mask2,mask3...> [duration] [reason]
  • Channel parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel, the channel the user has the most access in, or lastly, the default Armour channel.
  • Multiple clients or banmasks can be specified in one command by comma delimiting them
  • The duration is optional and specified as a number and units (s, h, m, d). Examples:
    • 10m is 10 minutes
    • 1d is 1 day
    • 3h is 1 hour
  • The kick reason is optional and if not given, configuration file setting default will be used


Kickban client MrBob using default reason:

@Empus | y ban MrBob 
    -- | Mode #newchan [+b *!~*] by yolk
   <-- | yolk has kicked MrBob (abuse)

Kickban client MrBob for 10 minutes using reason Not welcome:

@Empus | y ban MrBob 10m Not welcome
    -- | Mode #newchan [+b *!~*] by yolk
   <-- | yolk has kicked MrBob (Not welcome)

Kickban client MrBob and MsJane using reason Stop spamming:

@Empus | y ban MrBob,MsJane Stop spamming
    -- | Mode #newchan [+bb *!~* *!*] by yolk
   <-- | yolk has kicked MrBob (Stop spamming)
   <-- | yolk has kicked MsJane (Stop spamming)


  • If enabled, b and kb can also be used as a shortcut to the ban command
  • Configuration file setting can be used to determine whether bot sets channel kicks and bans, or sends them through X (which can be faster)

Command Description
add Add a channel blacklist or whitelist entry
black Shortcut to add a blacklist entry for a user
cmds List commands available to user
exempt Tempoarily exempt a client from channel join scans
help View the help for a given command
invite Invite clients to a channel
kick Kick clients from a channel
unban Remove channel bans