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Command: speak#


Command Default Level Global Only?
speak 1 no
  • Requires openai plugin to be loaded
  • Requires speak plugin to be loaded
  • Requires speak channel setting to be on (per channel)


  • Asks question to OpenAI and responds with answer using an audio file (mp3)
  • Response mode can be changed per-client via askmode command
  • Per-client conversations can be continued using the and command


speak <question>


Ask question to OpenAI, with spoken response

@Empus | y speak What is the definition of an IRC bot?
 @yolk | Empus:

Natural Conversation

When cfg(ask:cmdnick) is enabled, OpenAI queries can be sent in natural conversation form by using the bot's nickname as the prefix. Note that enabling this setting will mean botnick prefixes will not work for other commands.

Empus | yolk: speak the meaning of life
 yolk | Empus:

Command Description
and Continue per-client conversation
askmode View the help for a given command
image Generate a DALL-E image from description
speak Speak the answer with an audio file