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Command List#

Command Levels

Configuration allows changes to the required level and whether the command is accepted via chnnel, message, or DCC.

This configuration is changed in armour.conf

Global access commands require the user to have the level on channel *


  • Unauthenticated clients
Command Global?
login No
logout No
newpass No
register No
tell No
verify No

Level 1#

  • Any authenticated client
Command Global?
access No
ack No
and No
ask No
askmode No
asn No
chanlist Yes
cmds No
country No
exempt No
help No
idle No
image No
info No
ipqs No
lang No
note No
nudge No
queue No
quote No
scan No
scanport No
scanrbl No
scanport No
score No
search No
set No
speak No
stats No
status Yes
time No
version No
view No

Level 100#

  • Channel operators
Command Global?
ban No
deop No
devoice No
invite No
kick No
mode No
op No
topic No
unban No

Level 200#

  • Blacklist & whitelist management
Command Global?
add No
black No
chanscan No
mod No
rem No

Level 400#

  • Channel access management
Command Global?
adduser No
jump Yes
moduser No
newuser No
remuser No
say No
usearch Yes
userlist Yes

Level 450#

  • Bot administration
Command Global?
addchan Yes
deluser No
jump Yes
load Yes
modchan No
rehash Yes
remchan Yes
restart Yes

Level 500#

  • Bot owner
Command Global?
conf Yes
deploy Yes
die Yes
do Yes
showlog Yes
update Yes