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Command: do#


Command Default Level Global Only?
do 500 yes


  • Executes TCL code and returns results


This command should only be used by experienced with the TCl language and in most cases should probably be disabled in configuration.


usage: die [reason]
  • Reason is optional and if not given will state that the bot has been killed by the requestor.


Execute 2+2 expression:

@Empus | y do expr 2 + 2
 @yolk | OK: 4 (0.029 sec)

Output formatted time and date:

@Empus | y do clock format [clock seconds] -format "%H:%M %y-%m-%d"
 @yolk | OK: 09:35 22-12-14 (0.285 sec)

Command Description
cmds List available commands
help View the help for a given command
rehash Reload script and plugins
restart Full restart the bot, reloading scripts
status Displays bot status including connection info