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Manual Installation#

The below is a basic step-by-step guide to install eggdrop and load the Armour script.

If eggdrop is already installed and running, skip to the Armour step.


  • eggdrop 1.8.4 (or later)
  • sqlite3
  • TCL 8.6 (or later), with packages:
    • tcllib
    • tls
    • sqlite3
  • git

oathtool is only required if the bot is implementing 2FA authentication (e.g., on Undernet with X)


ImageMagick is only required if the bot runs the openai plugin configured for DALL-E image generation using the text overlays if cfg(ask:image:overlay) is set


Select your operating system below and use the appropriate command as root user to install prerequisite packages on the system.

yum install -y gcc epel-release curl git tcl tcl-devel tcltls sqlite-devel oathtool ImageMagick
apt-get install -y gcc make curl git tcl tcl-dev tcllib tcl-tls sqlite3 libsqlite3-tcl oathtool imagemagick
pkg install curl git tcl tcllib tcltls sqlite3 tcl-sqlite3 oath-toolkit ImageMagick7
brew install curl git tcl sqlite3 oath-toolkit imagemagick

🥚 eggdrop#



mkdir ~/sources
cd ~/sources
tar xzf eggdrop-1.9.5.tar.gz
cd eggdrop-1.9.5
make config
make install DEST=~/bots
cd ~/bots
Install Path

The example installs eggdrop to ~/bots but this can be changed by using a different DEST path.

This DEST path (e.g., ~/bots) will become the directory that the compiled eggdrop runs from.

Alternatively, remove the DEST parameter to install to the existing eggdrop source directory.


Edit the eggdrop configuration file to set parameters for the underlying eggdrop. Do not yet load Armour.

Multiple Bots

Multiple bots can be ran from the same directory, thereby making maintenance much easier. To do this, use a unique eggdrop configuration file for each bot in ~/bots, by renaming eggdrop.conf (e.g., to mybot.conf)


Start the eggdrop (but do not load Armour yet), and bring it online to IRC.

Replace mybot.conf with the config file of your eggdrop:


./eggdrop -m mybot.conf

Identify yourself to create yourself as the first bot 'master', and set a new password:


/msg <botnick> hello
/msg <botnick> pass <newpass>

🛡 Armour#



Do not proceed with the next steps until you have successfully got an eggdrop on IRC and you can access the partyline or telnet.

The recommended method to obtain Armour is via git as it guarantees the most recent code from the branch:

cd ~/bots
git clone
cd ~/bots
tar xzf armour-v4.0.tar.gz
mv armour-v4.0 armour
Install Path

Change the bot installation path from ~/bots to wherever you eggdrop is running from. It is however, imperative that armour runs from this eggdrop install path and its directory is named armour


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