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Command: op#


Command Default Level Global Only?
op 100 no


  • Op clients in a channel


op ?chan? [nick1] [nick2] [nick3] [nick4] [nick5] [nick6]...
  • Channel parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel, the channel the user has the most access in, or lastly, the default Armour channel.
  • Nicknames are optional. If not given, the bot will op the requestor.
  • Multiple nicknames can be specified in one command, space delimited.


Op myself:

@Empus | y op
    -- | Mode #newchan [+o Empus] by yolk

Deop MrBob

@Empus | y op MrBob
    -- | Mode #newchan [+o MrBob] by yolk

Deop MrBob and MsJane:

@Empus | y op MrBob MsJane
    -- | Mode #newchan [+oo MrBob MsJane] by yolk

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
devoice Devoice users in a channel
help View the help for a given command
moduser Modify a user's access in a channel
op Op users in a channel
voice Voice users in a channel