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Command: restart#


Command Default Level Global Only?
restart 450 yes


  • Executes a full restart on the bot, loading scripts & databases, and jumping server


restart [reason]
  • Restart reason is optional. Omitting will state the nick!user@host that requested the restart.
  • If the bot connects via a znc bouncer, this jump behaviour will jump via the bouncer


Restart the bot with default message:

Empus | y restart
  <-- | yolk ( has quit (Quit: requested by Empus!empus@172.16.164 (Empus))
  --> | yolk ( has joined #armour

Restart the bot with reason performing an upgrade:

Empus | y restart
  <-- | yolk ( has quit (Quit: performing an upgrade)
  --> | yolk ( has joined #armour

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
conf View and change Armour config file settings
deploy Deploy a new bot form IRC
die Kill the bot process
help View the help for a given command
jump Reconnect or change connected server
rehash Reload script and plugins
status Displays bot status including connection info
update Check and optionally install script updates