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Command: info#


Command Default Level Global Only?
info 1 no


  • Lists users who speak a given language
  • Languages are set against the bot users by using moduser or set when the user sets their own languages.


lang <language> [-all]
  • The first ?chan? parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel, the channel the user has the most access in, or lastly, the default Armour channel.
  • The language can use a two digit language code (e.g., ES), or the long term (e.g., Spanish)


Find online users who speak language of English:

@Empus | y lang en
 @yolk | found 1 online user (Empus)

Find online users who speak language of Spanish:

@Empus | y lang spanish
 @yolk | found 1 online user (Empus)

Find all users in bot databae who speak English:

@Empus | y lang en -all
 @yolk | found 3 total users (Empus, MrBob, MsJane)

Command Description
access Check if a user has access in a channel
adduser Add a user with access to a channel
chanlist List all registered channels
cmds List commands available to user
help View the help for a given command
modchan Modify the settings of a channel
moduser Modify a user's access in a channel
remchan Remove a channel and purge all data
remuser Remove a user from a channel
set Change user settings for own user
usearch Searches for registered usernames
userlist Displays userlist for a channel