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Command: adduser#


Command Default Level Global Only?
adduser 400 no


  • Adds a user with access to a given channel and optional automode


adduser ?chan? <user> <level> [automode]
  • Channel parameter is optional. If not given, the bot will default to the originating channel, the channel the user has the most access in, or lastly, the default Armour channel.
  • Valid access levels are 1-500
  • Optionally specify their automode to automatically op, voice, or take no action (none) when they join the channel or login. Default automode is none


Add channel MrBob to #newchan with level 100

@Empus | y adduser MrBob 100
 @yolk | added user MrBob (chan: #newchan -- level: 100 -- automode: none)

New Users

If the user does not yet have a bot user, they must first be created by one of the below methods:

  • using the newuser command
  • by the user themselves using the register command (if enabled in configuration )

Add channel MsJane to #newchan with level 400 and set to automatically op when joining the channel or logging into the bot.

@Empus | y adduser MsJane 100 op
 @yolk | added user MsJane (chan: #newchan -- level: 400 -- automode: op)

Command Description
access Check if a user has access in a channel
adduser Add a user with access to a channel
cmds List available commands
help View the help for a given command
info View information for a user or channel
modchan Modify the settings of a channel
moduser Modify a user's access in a channel
newuser Create a new bot user on behalf of someone else
register Allows a client to create their own bot user
remchan Remove a channel and purge all data
remuser Remove a user from a channel
usearch Searches for registered usernames
userlist Displays userlist for a channel