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If you are experiencing setup problems, please ensure you have checked for errors in the partyline (or telnet) by enabling debug Level 3 by typing all of the below lines and trying again:

.console +1
.console +2
.console +3

Errors found in these partyline/telnet debug messages will provide crucial assistance when troubleshooting problems.


Displaying emojis in eggdrop requires TCL to be compiled from source with #define TCL_UTF_MAX 6 set. Please see for more details.

If you still have problems, please make contact for support -- via IRC in the first instance.

Change Log#

Overview of significant script changes between versions and roadmap preview can be found at Change Log


Visit the #armour channel on Undernet and find me (Empus), if you need assistance or want to discuss Armour.

Connections can be made there using the Undernet Webchat

Feature Requests#

Submit Feature Requests on the Github project Issues Page

Please try to be clear in what the feature is and why it would be helpful.

Bug Reports#

Submit Bug Reports on the Github project Issues Page

Please try to be as concise as possible, and include any relevant logs (ideally with debug lines).


For anything else, please free to email me at