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Command: queue#


Command Default Level Global Only?
queue 1 no


  • Checks the current client wait queue when a channel is in secure mode

Secure Mode

For more information on secure mode, see the mode command.




Check if any clients are waiting in the queue:

@Empus | y queue
 @yolk | no channels in secure mode found.

Enable secure mode:

@Empus | y mode secure
    -- | Mode #armour [+mD] by yolk
    -- | Mode #armour [+vv MrBob MsJane] by yolk
 @yolk | done.

Check the queue again:

@Empus | y queue
 @yolk | [#armour] 0 hidden users. 0 users being scanned

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
help View the help for a given command
mode Changes the scan mode of the channel