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Command: deluser#


Command Default Level Global Only?
deluser 450 no


  • Deletes a user account completely from the bot, including all channel access


Do not confuse this command with the remuser command which only removes a user's access from an individual channel!


Deletion of bot users has some protection rules in place. Deleting a user requires the deleter to:

  • be global level 450 or above and have more global access than the user being deleted


  • have more channel access in all channels than the user being deleted


deluser <user>
  • Deletes the specified user
  • Adding the -force parameter must be given to ensure the user knows what they are doing


Delete user MrBob from existence:

@Empus | y deluser MrBob
 @yolk | woah! are you sure you want to vanquish this username from the universe? add -force if so.

Delete user MrBob with confirmation:

@Empus | y deluser MrBob -force
 @yolk | done. user MrBob has been eradicated (uid: 17)


This action cannot be undone! All channel access and username information will be deleted.

Attempt to delete a user who has access in a channel than the deleter does not (or where access is not lower):

@Empus | y deluser MsJane -force
 @yolk | nope. user is out of your reach.

Command Description
access Check if a user has access in a channel
adduser Add a user with access to a channel
cmds List available commands
help View the help for a given command
info View information for a user or channel
modchan Modify the settings of a channel
moduser Modify a user's access in a channel
newuser Create a new bot user on behalf of someone else
register Allows a client to create their own bot user
remchan Remove a channel and purge all data
remuser Remove a user from a channel
usearch Searches for registered usernames
userlist Displays userlist for a channel