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Command: logout#


Command Default Level Global Only?
logout 0 no


  • Sign-out of the bot.


logout [user] [password]
  • If no user is specified, bot with logout your own user
  • Only level 500 global users can logout other users without providing their password
  • A user can remote logout themselves on another client by providing their user and password


Logout from the bot:

Empus | logout
 yolk | logout successful.

Remotely logout another user (requiring global level 500):

Empus | logout MrBob
 yolk | successful logout for user MrBob.

Remotely logout another user (with known password):

 empT | logout Empus myPa$$w0d!
 yolk | logout successful.

Command Description
cmds List commands available to user
access Check if a user has access in a channel
adduser Add a user with access to a channel
chanlist List all registered channels
help View the help for a given command
info View information for a user or channel
login Authenticate with the bot to user commands
modchan Modify the settings of a channel
moduser Modify a user's access in a channel
newpass Change your own password
remchan Remove a channel and purge all data
remuser Remove a user from a channel
usearch Searches for registered usernames
verify Verify if a client is authenticated